Student Discount Pharmacy & Prescription Plan

Enroll in our student discount pharmacy plan and receive substantial prescription savings to help offset the costs of unexpected expenses during the school year through the Co-Health and SAV-RX (our Pharmacy Benefit Management Company - PBM) Co-Health Pharmacy Plan. The discount pharmacy and prescription plan has two components:

Retail Pharmacy Outlets

There are over 58,000 participating pharmacies in the United States (95% of all pharmacies in the country). This includes all national and regional chains plus thousands of independents.

Mail Order Pharmacy

For those taking maintenance medications, our Mail Order Pharmacy can provide additional savings over a retail price.  You simply call SAV-RX, at their toll free 800 number (800) 228-3108, send your prescription  to them and your medications are delivered to your home. Re-orders, based on refills available, are done with a single phone call.

Certain brand name drugs are available from Canada, through our Mail Order Pharmacy.  Our discount pharmacy and plan service representative will automatically advise you if your prescription is available from Canada.