Health Insurance for College Students

Your Student Health Advocate

Taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you can do. Your health is a gift and keeping yourself in good health isn't always easy. Accidents and sickness DO happen. Having a health insurance plan specifically tailored for college students is your best bet towards taking proper care of yourself and being protected financially, in case of an accident or major sickness.

Health insurance plans for college students can be obtained through your school, or you can secure one on your own. It's possible that your college or university doesn't offer a health insurance plan or that you prefer different coverage than what the school's health insurance plan provides it's students. You do have options on health insurance plans!

If you have a school-sponsored health insurance plan, enter your school name above to find specific policy information for your school. Select the links to the left to explore other options, and check out our specialty programs for additional add-on products.


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