Specialty Programs

There are many programs available to add on to your current insurance plan in order to fully support and aid you. At Collegiate Risk Management, we offer an array of specialty programs to meet your every need. 

Dental Plans

Collegiate Risk Management is very excited to offer your students an opportunity to enroll in an affordable Dental Plan.
Plan options start as low as $15.50 per month and is offered on a voluntary basis.
There are three plan options:
Please select a dental plan for yourself and your family members.  These plans have no waiting period for checkups and you can visit any dentist - no network restrictions.  Click here for rates and enrollment information.

Student Discount Plans

Select student discount programs to complement your student health insurance coverage with discounts on dental, vision and prescriptions. These programs can save you a significant amount of money on prescriptions, dental cleanings and dental work, annual eye exams and glasses.


Even if you have health insurance, sometimes you just can't get to the doctor when you are sick. Maybe you are traveling or don't have a car to get to the doctor's office. With Teladoc, you can consult with a real doctor on the phone and have prescriptions called in to your local pharmacy. It's easy, affordable and a great way to supplement your student health insurance.

Sister Cities

Sister Cities is an international travel program.  As a member, Sister Cities offers travelers insurance, special events accident insurance, and more.

Partners of America

Accidents and sudden sickness can happen anywhere at any time and can mean big trouble during international travel. With Partners of America, medical insurance can prevent an illness or accident from becoming a financial disaster.

Student Voluntary Health Access Indemnity Plans

Assurant Health's Health Access is a fixed-indemnity plan with limited benefits. There's no deductible and benefits start right away. Health Access plan's benefits help you pay for the care you need both when you're healthy and if you experience unexpected illnesses and injuries. With negotiated fees from in-network providers and a fixed cash amount when you receive services like doctor office visits, prescriptions and hospital stays, Health Access gives you the flexibility and cost savings you need in paying for health expenses.

Repatriation and Medical Evacuation Plan

U.S. Students, Study Abroad Insurance & Travel Insurance

Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance

Trip interruptions happen every day. With Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance, you are protected from the high costs and inconveniences associated with flight delays, airline cancellations, lost luggage, and more.


Specialty programs by Collegiate Risk Management are some of the ways we help you maximize your health insurance program for your best health. For further information about one of our specialty programs, click on one of the options, below.

Student Discount Plans
Sister Cities
Partners of America
Student Health Access Indemnity Plans
Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance