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Student Health Insurance

Fall Waiver Deadline is January 30, 2017. 



International Students:  All international students are required to have health insurance.  International students are automatically enrolled and charged for the University sponsored student health insurance plan unless a waiver is submitted.  Waivers will be considered for plans from your home country or a family member working for a U.S. employer.  Waivers are not acceptable for individual plans purchased in the U.S.To have the charges removed; students are required to complete the waiver by January 30, 2017 for Spring-Summer.  The waiver button can be found above left.  By completing the waiver the student agrees to the following:          


  • I understand that I am required to maintain health insurance for the full academic year.  In the event termination or pertinent changes occur to my coverage I will notify Collegiate Risk Management immediately.  I also agree to purchase the University sponsored plan should my waiver be denied and I acknowledge that I am legally responsible for any and all medical bills.
  •  In order to be considered for a waiver, one of the first 3 questions on the waiver must be true.
  • Plan Summary
  • Claim Form
  • ID Card
  • Find a Doctor
  • Find a Pharmacy
  • Find a Clinic
  • Travel Plan Claim Form