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 Student Health Insurance Brochures:

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Methodist University


Methodist University is offering Health Insurance to its domestic students on a voluntary basis for academic year 2014-15.  The plan being offered is underwritten by Aetna Student Health.  For benefit details please click on the brochure link below.  Please read the brochure carefully as there are plan changes taking effect for 2014-15.  We suggest you compare the plan being offered below to the options available through the Affordable Care Act.  The plan being offered meets and in some cases exceeds Federal and State Benchmarks for plan benefits and coverage limitations.


To enroll in the plan please print out the enrollment form below and mail the application along with your check made payable to:  Aetna Student Health and mail to: Collegiate Risk Management, Attn:  Methodist University, 110 Athens Street, Tarpon Springs, FL  34689.  If you would like to enroll using a credit card, that option is scheduled to be available approximately August 12. 


Please Note:  if you enroll in the plan any time prior to Sept 15 the coverage will be dated as effective Aug 1.  If you have any questions please call 800-922-3420.


Policy benefits and information can be found below: 


Dental Plans

Collegiate Risk Management is very excited to offer your students an opportunity to enroll in an affordable Dental Plan.
Plan options start as low as $15.50 per month and is offered on a voluntary basis.
Please select a dental plan for yourself and your family members. These plans have no waiting period for checkups and you can visit any dentist - no network restrictions. Click here for rates and enrollment information.