Welcome Elon University Students

Student Health Insurance Applications and Brochures:

Students may view or print a variety of information. If you decide to print be sure to print all pages of the information you need. You may enroll using the application. Mail the signed application, with a check, to the address located in the application instructions. If the application is not available please contact Collegiate Risk Management.

If you need assistance please call 1-800-922-3420

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For the 2016-17 School year please click on the link below for health insurance and follow the directions:

The website is www.getinsured.com/lewermark
Click on Health Insurance
Click on Lost Coverage or If you did not have a qualifying event listed here, but need coverage as early as tomorrow, you can Buy Short Term
Enter zip code
Enter applicant
Date of Birth
Click  See plans or check for tax credits
Enter 1 for household size
Enter 0 for yearly income if a student. If income put in $ amount
Selections will come up.
On left hand side of screen are boxes to be checked for deductible, HMP,PPO etc. Complete  Insurance plans will come up.  Follow directions to enroll.
NOTE: Watch for really high deductibles as no coverage is provided until the deductible is paid
If necessary on the top of the front page is a phone number to speak to a person who can assist.


  • Please see top of page for 2016/17 options


  • Please see top of page for 2016/17 options




Dental Plans

Please select a dental plan for yourself and your family members. These plans have no waiting period for checkups and you can visit any dentist - no network restrictions. Click here for rates and enrollment information.