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Student Health Insurance Applications and Brochures:

Students may view or print a variety of information. If you decide to print be sure to print all pages of the information you need. 

If you need assistance please contact Collegiate Risk Management at 1-800-922-3420.

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  • Benefit Flyer
  • Brochure
  • Claim Form
  • First Health PPO: www.firsthealth.com

  • Oglethorpe University Online Waiver Form (Click waiver button on left to waive)
    The waiver is only applicable to the new students entering Spring 2013 semester.
    ALL FULL-TIME STUDENTS taking 12 or more credit hours are required to have personal health insurance. You may only be exempt from the school sponsored insurance plan by filling out the online waiver before the deadline of August 27, 2012 (for Fall semester) or by January 22, 2013 (for Spring semester).
    All International / Exchange students. You are required to have health insurance in order to attend classes. OU requires all International students on a  J-1 and F-1 visa status to have health insurance coverage that meets or exceeds the Federal requirements including repatriation and medical evacuation, in order to waive the student insurance plan. OU endorses the HTH Global Student USA and Preferred International Health Insurance plan.  Plan benefits, cost and enrollment information can be found by clicking the link below.  If you have insurance that does not meet any of the requirements as stated on the waiver form, you will automatically be billed for the OU Basic Plan and the Major Medical option for a total cost of $599.
    If I lose my medical insurance, I will notify Michelle Hall, Vice President for Campus Life and Dean of Students, and make necessary arrangements to join the University sponsored plan within 30 days.

Dental Plans

Collegiate Risk Management is very excited to offer your students an opportunity to enroll in an affordable Dental Plan.
Plan options start as low as $15.50 per month and is offered on a voluntary basis.
Please select a dental plan for yourself and your family members. These plans have no waiting period for checkups and you can visit any dentist - no network restrictions. Click here for rates and enrollment information.